Like A Rolling Stone - X
Tombstone Blues - 10/14/06, Portland, Oregon
It Takes A Lot To Laugh - 4/17/05, Boston
From A Buick 6 - 9/03/65, L.A.
Ballad Of A Thin Man - X
Queen Jane Approimately - 8/31/08
Highway 61 Revisited - X
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues - X
Desolation Row - X

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spoony said...

What an awesome resources (I am leaving the link here, but it applies to the whole discography listed here). It has me thinking why plays some songs regularly and avoids others. I get that he doesn't play Sad Eyed Lady because it's so personal, but others are unclear. For instance, As I Went Out One Morning, is my favorite song off of John Wesley Harding, yet he has only played it once.